About Us

Opened in 2011, our gallery of fine antiques and objets d'art is situated in the quaint historic enclave of Tiong Bahru in Singapore.

The gallery is curating fine pieces from all around Asia, exclusively sourced in European and American collections. We are resolutely focusing on authenticity of the objets d'art purchased and are therefore not submitting them to any significant restoration other than for conservation requirement. 

We will always be glad to discuss collectorship, historical contexts of art creation or conservation technics, so please do not hesitate to drop by our boutique.

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The unique modernist district of Tiong Bahru was established in the 1920-30s as a real estate project modelled on Art Deco European architecture.


Most of the district is now gazetted as a heritage site and is a destination for residents and visitors looking for an authentic architectural gem, unique in the modern city-state.


Our site offers a small selection from our inventory. Other works acquired that are in Singapore and in Europe can be viewed at the gallery or on our social pages.

We welcome queries from collectors searching for specific objects or artists and will eadeavour to find it among our collection or in private collections in Europe and the United States. 

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