Our feature of this month is a Villa in East Coast, where the confluence of influences perfectly reflects the diverse backgrounds and eclectic interests of its occupier.

Strong colour themes, Art Deco design, a collection of African art, references and reverences to cinema, music and literature, a set that makes you want to stay.

Aphorism is glad and proud to have contributed elements of decoration such as the wall placards (constructed with acrylic panels and a aluminium concealed frame), the brass lamps (notably a secession style Austrian model) some fine Art Deco corner chairs and gueridons and some modernist ceiling lights.


Brassai (placard from a retrospective on love in Paris, 2013) encharms us above while Miles Davis and Duke Elington (original gelatin print photos circa 1970) are playing on the wall (bottom left)

Life is sweet with Marcello Mastroianni (placard from the Cannes Film Festival, 2014) - bottom left - while clean lines play their own script.